Saturday, July 28, 2012

Twice baked cauliflower

I haven't been posting on here or on my other new blog... heck,  I haven't even been posting consistently on my regular blog. My mom used to say, "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach!" In my case my plans are bigger than my time!

When it comes to this baked-potato-replacing yumminess though, your eyes will NEVER be too big for your stomach (if you like cauliflower that is). A friend posted on Facebook about a recipe like this so I took the core ingredients, used what I had and walla... my Cheesy Twice-Baked Cauliflower with Ham:


1 head of cauliflower chopped
1 cup plain non-fat greek yogurt
3 T. butter
1/2 c. grated monterey jack cheese (or your favorite cheese)
4 slices Hormel, nitrite-free smoked ham lunch-meat diced
about 1/4 c. diced green onions
salt and pepper to taste

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees F. Steam chopped cauliflower approx. 10 minutes or until breaks apart easily. In separate bowl mix yogurt, butter, cheese and ham. Add cauliflower. Mix well. Spray 8X8 glass baking dish with cooking spray. Fill dish with cauliflower mix. Bake 20 minutes in 400 degree oven. Cook additional 5 minutes on broil or until top is slightly browned.  Sprinkle with green onions and serve hot.


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