Friday, June 8, 2012

"I wish I could find something real!"

Awhile back I was driving from errand to errand with my hungry kids in the car hollering, "Mom, can we please get something to eat!?"

 I drove past the hamburger joints, the deep fried chicken drive-thrus, the taco shacks, and pizza places.  I didn't want any of that... I wanted some real food!

I mumbled to myself, "I wish I could find something real to eat. Like a barbequed chicken on a stick drive thru."

 I ended up settling on the local Chik-Fil-A, which is probably as close to "real" as you can get when it comes to fast food.

I get it.   I've been too busy to cook and too tired to care and have visited the Happy Kid's Grub stop more than once a week.  But if I had a choice between "chicken" nuggets and fries or real grilled chicken kabobs with a side of real fruit for my family on those hectic, tired days I'd choose it in a heart beat!

Maybe someday I'll own a "Something Real" fast food restaurant.  But in the mean time I've made a point to cook up some real good food on the weekends to have ready for the wired week ahead. To my surprise, the food has been a hit! My husband's been bragging up my cooking to his Crossfit friends and has really encouraged me to step out and try selling my clean and yummy creations.

Today my husband ran his idea for me selling my paleo-style meals to Crossfit gyms in my area to a friend of his who recently opened a gym. The guy thought it was a good idea and encouraged me to start a food blog.

So here I am... sharing Something Real. Maybe you'll try cooking up some genuine good food for your family. Maybe you'll like my recipes. Maybe you'll see me in a food truck somewhere, someday :)

Here's to some real good food!

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